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angel dust neo is my nostalgic love letter to the web of the past, and a hopeful foray into the web of the future. the name comes from one of my first websites, a pita-ten fansite named angel dust. this site is much less focused, but i hope you enjoy your visit to my corner of the web regardless!


2023.07.31 first blog post and lots of new things in the collection! still to come: mobile styles (jk finished it tonight after all!) and more collection stuff. maybe even some articles on some of my obsessive interests? we'll find out! oh, and there's a guestbook now too! be niceys to me

2023.07.27 i am apparently addicted to making new layouts... i wanted something less pink and with more room for links. originally i was thinking pastel but then this happened. i guess it fits the galaxy angel theme! i'm making a serious effort to reduce my social media use and turn to healthier outlets for my time, so you'll probably see more activity from me soon (hopefully!) oh, and the blog is back, AND i have a button! :D mobile version as well as a significant portion of content is still under construction, so please do check back.

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