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hello! i'm chives. if you've made it this far without being welcomed, then welcome to my website.

i've always found it hard to talk about myself, both because i hate being tied to any one identity and also because i'm very shy and anxious. but i can at least give you the basics. i'm a 90s baby, queer in both gender and sexuality, and married to my lovely husband. i live in midwest USA with him and our baby kitty. i'm autistic and have been mentally ill for a long time, but i'm looking for the path to a better life.

i was more or less raised by the internet in the days of forums, and made many stabs at running my own website over the years. i worked as a professional web developer for a while which killed a lot of my passion. but now i'm in a better position so i've come back to it as an enthusiast and hobbyist, no longer bound to the shackles of SEO and marketability. i was always in love with the idea of the web as a psuedononymous playplace for weirdos like me. the internet isn't a perfect haven but i'm working to carve out a space for myself.


  • magical girls
  • funky button-ups
  • toxic shipping
  • roleplaying & OCs


  • judgemental people
  • gender essentialism
  • raw onion
  • sweeping the floor


  • aquarius
  • INFP
  • 4w5
  • bunny-aligned
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