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the nature of this sort of internet emphemera is that sourcing it is hard. many were collected from second-hand sources. it's an ongoing project of mine to try to find what sources i can in the interest of internet culture preservation, but it's very much a work in progress. as sources are found, they will be linked on the image itself (or, in the case of known but unarchived sources, put in the hover text.) if you know a source for a pixel, you can send an email to salt.forfun [at] gmail [dot] com.

otherwise, here are a collection of primary and secondary sources you can find more content like this!


88x31 button maker

aggregated sites

glitter-graphics.com - blinkies, dolls, and more.
deviantart.com - stamps and more.
88x31 - buttons collection.
blinki.es - like it says on the tin.
gifcities - old web gifs.
cutie internet archive - archive of old adoptable sites.

individual artists

radiotrophicfungi - blinkies.
apple dust - adoptable pixels.
bitmap dreams - pixels (read tos). personal fav!
pixelins - lovely pixels.

neocities collections

y2k - blinkies, buttons, stamps and more.
the rainbow locker - a little bit of everything.
shiska - a little bit of everything.
artwork - a little bit of everything.
99 gif shop - lots of old web gifs.
nostalgia for the 2000s - old web adoptables.

archived sources

peachie's collection - lots of cute pixels.
elouai - dollmaker. this particular archive should still work.
prima donna - adorable dolls!


most of these are from korean dollmaker sources including sayclub, candybar, cyworld and more. many of these are now defunct, but here's a good english language archive (and where i got most of mine)! i'm working on getting more information about these.