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more about chives

gender: no thank you (any pronouns fine)

birthday: january 26th

sexuality: bi/queer

favorite food: poke bowls

favorite drink: pistachio lattes

favorite fruit: watermelon

favorite color: purple

genres: shojo, magical girls, moe, galge, visual novels, psychological horror, yuri

music: indiepop, pop-punk, denpa, breakcore

animanga: (in no order) aikatsu series, pretty series, puella magi madoka magica, tokyo mew mew, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, nurse witch komugi, mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch, otherside picnic, kitanai kimi ga ichiban kawaii, yokohama kaidashi kikou, cyber idol mink, galaxy angel, zodiac p.i., monogatari, pita-ten, di gi charat, monogatari, still sick, anything by koge donbo or akio watanabe, and much more!

hobbies: roleplaying, TTRPGs, writing, collage, coding (HTML/CSS, PHP, Python), fandom & internet history, 90s-00s culture, web revival, dolls, embroidery, media preservation, tamagotchis & other virtual pets

tropes: enemies to lovers, corruption arcs, family conflict, found family, bittersweet endings, complicated not-quite-romantic relationships, fluff sandwiched in the middle of horror