im chives and i proudly consume trash

☆ 24 years old (1/26)
☆ any pronouns
☆ eng/jp
☆ american exchange student in japan

generally, i like kids anime, ero stuff, rhythm games, yuri, languages and otaku culture. i'm earnestly and embarrassingly passionate about things no one else cares about and trying to be okay about that!

this twitter is 18+ for nsfw content and occasional gore. i try to tag explicit images. problematic & gross kink content abounds. if you don't believe in or cannot safely determine fiction as different than reality in regards to kink content, then please don't bother trying to follow me. you're just hurting yourself.
this account also serves as my private so sometimes there's pretty heavy venting here. if you need something tagged (related to this or like. anything else) let me know!
... that said, i'm using this as my main right now, so it's much less exciting than this warning makes it sound.

however, if you're okay with this, feel free to give a request! however, if i haven't talked to you before and/or you aren't a nsfw account, i may not accept. feel free to try anyway! even if i don't accept i don't hate you, i'm just a 'fraidy cat. alternately, if you have on your about that you dont want to see something i post often, i'll decline. i obviously don't list all my stuff here so consider it me looking out for you
also, feel free to unfollow/mute/block/etc if you want! it's cool

other links will eventually surface here!!